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Corporate Well-Being

Working towards a healthier you

In today’s fast paced world, both professional or personal lives are always on high gear. Hence, it is imperative that Health and Wellness solutions are able to match up this pace and are available, to people whether at work or at home.

Our solutions on offer aim- to help both Corporates and Individuals in their efforts at being on top of their Health and Wellness requirements/assessments.From setting up of dedicated Health and Wellness lounges for Corporates to helping their HR teams to undertake pre-employment health verifications to recruit fit candidates to join their ranks, we have done it all. We have also supported our client managers, to keep their employees fit and fine, by helping them organize periodic Health checks both onsite and off site on a pan India basis.

Health and Wellness is such an area wherein, creating awareness goes a long way, in the prevention of health issues, which can be a disrupt or both for the individual as well as the corporate entity, in terms of loss of productive man hours and expenses.One of the cornerstones of our services, is creating awareness in our client’s minds, by drawing in experts from various medical and para medical fields to share experiences and steps to optimum well being of every individual.

As a company, we are in a position to provide support and services, almost in all aspects of Health Care, while continuously updating and upgrading our services, based on client needs.

Onsite Health Centre/Wellness Lounge – Today when employees are serving customers 24/7 it becomes inevitable to have basic medical facility inside the company premises to attend to medical requirements and emergencies. PeopleHealth is revolutionising the way in which the onsite medical centers are operated by combining managerial and service expertise with effective medical delivery.

Wellness Portal-One of the key detractors for healthy living is the lack of awareness of health and wellness habits. PeopleHealth helps organizations building health microsites that can give information and guidance on health-related topics and offer practical suggestions to help individuals manage their health in a better way. This could also form a repository of programs conducted in the organization.

Health Promotion campaigns – Health Promotion campaigns are fun, motivation and cost-effective ways to engage large numbers of employees in behavior change. With proper promotion, PeopleHealth has success in getting 60 to 70 percent participation in health Risk Assessment Programs. Team or individual formats can be used with a variety of themes to keep programs fresh and inviting.

Health-risk assessment & Health Checkups /Pre Employment Checks at multiple locations – A regular screening can help in early detection of disease or risk before a serious problem arises. HRAs are designed based on the country’s health risk and age profiles and consist of detailed medical assessment and health counseling.

Health Coaching-High-risk participants are identified through a health-risk assessment and, with confidentiality maintained, have the opportunity to e nroll in an individualized based coaching program.

Wellness Programs/Seminars – PeopleHealth offers more than 10, one-hour seminars on topics that include Physical activity, Nutrition and weight managem ent, Mental and emotional well-being, Ergonomics, Sleep, Smoking Cessation etc. The programs are facilitated by experts in their respective fields.

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