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Health Packages

Working towards a healthier you

Smart Men Advantage

INR 3250/-
In today’s world of tight deadlines and the easily available unhealthy lifestyle choices, it is extremely important to get a health checkup done-which can detect factors, leading to major health issues in the future. The Smart Men package will set you on course to a healthy lifestyle.

Get Healthy……and get Smart!!.

Smart Women Advantage

INR 3450/-
Women are the backbone of a family as they are the world’s best multi-taskers. Women have the inherent ability, to juggle between work and various household activities. In this process, they tend to ignore their own health which is not right. The Smart Women Package is a special package exclusively designed for women. Juggle away to good health– Always!!

Get Healthy……and get Smart!!.

Life is good (below 35 yrs)

INR 3100/-
This package is aimed at that section of society which is moving the fastest in terms of daily activities and stressful routines. The age bracket, below 35 years of age, are the ones who are most susceptible to damage, to their physical and mental well being (in the future) if, they do not understand what changes are happening to their bodies currently and take corrective measures.

Get Healthy……and get Smart!!.

Recharge Health (> 35 Yrs.)

INR 4550/-
The period of 35-40yrs of age, is like standing on the cross roads in terms of one’s Health and Wellness.Host of changes in the body are indicators of the days ahead. This package examines the body’s key markers in detail along with a ophthalmological consultation, a calcium test and a physician consultation.

Test….Consult and Recharge to Good Life!!

Master Health Check

INR 3950/-
Master Health Check Package gives a detailed evaluation of your general health. This package is suitable for males and females of all age groups. It includes a unique diagnostic profile of tests for a comprehensive health evaluation. It is also ideal for those already suffering from diabetes, kidney or liver disease, to monitor the progress of their treatment.

Check and be a Master of your Health!!

Master Health Check – Advanced

INR 4150/-
The Master Health Check Advanced Package goes a step ahead by doing a detailed eavaluation of a few other parameters, of your general health. This package is suitable for males and females of all age groups, especially those, with family history of a certain type/s of ailments.

A Few Extra Steps towards Good Health!!.

Well Women Advantage

INR 3500/-
Today’s women are busy executives and professionals with hectic life, who are at the forefront of this risk, need to be extra-cautious when it comes to their health. We understand their challenges and have therefore, come up with a health package that addresses the specific health hassles of women. The package consists of key tests and diagnostic examinations aimed at analyzing the health of the individual. This can prove vital when it comes to identifying and treating critical diseases if any, in their latent stages

Get the Advantage of Good Health!!

Vitamin Advantage

INR 3300/-
Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients for human life. A unhealthy lifestyle and adulteration of food, can lead to depletion of these vital nutrients. This profile is specially designed to test for common vitamin deficiencies especially Vitamin D, Vitamin B12. Vitamin AdvantageVitamin AdvantageVitamin AdvantageVitamin Advantage

Take the advantage of the balanced nutrients!!

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